The healthy food service for offices

We deliver healthy, all-natural cooked food every day based on the nutritional needs of your employees. Employees of your office can order delicious Freshkart meals until 10 AM. Food is then delivered at noon.

How it works

A healthy virtual canteen, for free!

What is a virtual canteen?

The Freshkart virtual canteen is a mobile application, company branded, where employees can order fresh lunch.

What makes Freshkart at Work special?

We are health focused and offer our own, company branded, app. This means you can track calories and nutrients in the application. a Balanced diet means a healthy workforce!

How to activate freshkart at work

Joining is easy!

Joining Freshkart at Work with your office takes no effort! Just fill in our registration form. We will reach out to you within 1 working day to see if your office is eligible.

After registration

Freshkart at Work comes at no cost for your company. After the registration, we will create your company branded canteen and setup a launch campaign at your office. You will be able to enjoy Freshkart within 1 week!